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Vagrant Story

Postby Kazriko » Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:36 am

Since we don't have a forum yet, I'll post here.

Played a bit over an hour of Vagrant Story. Lots of storyline though, not much action for that first hour. I just picked up the chaining skills, which is something I recall vividly from the first time I played it. I really don't recall how far I got into this game though, except that I was fighting an enemy that even when I managed to chain 40+ attacks on him, he was still standing.

This session, the toughest thing I've fought is a Minotaur, which was down in about 5 hits.

Reducing your risk during battle is done by an item, and the items so far are limited in the game. I wonder if there will ever be a shop or something?

Graphics wise, this is about what I expected. Typical late PS1 graphics. The storyline is also typical of the Ivalice games square has released. Fairly detailed, etc.

Definitely using a guide this time around. I don't want to end up in the same state I was last time I played it.
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