It's been a while- What's everyone up to?

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It's been a while- What's everyone up to?

Postby Weidleface » Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:19 pm

So I fell off the face of the earth for a while and I figured I'd give you guys a little bit of an update as to what's going on with me.

Back in January I found out I was getting laid off from the job I had been at for the past 3-4 years. All in all it wasn't too bad, given that I also wasn't really feeling fulfilled by the job anymore even though I still really enjoyed the bulk of what I did. However, this left me unemployed for about 4 months, and while I enjoyed some time off for a while, by the end of April/May things weren't as great as they started out being. I as trying to use this time to take some trips and do a lot more with my friends and family (stuff that I rarely had time for due to the hours of my previous job), but I wound up spreading myself a little too thin.

The good news is that I started a new job at a convention center nearby and I'm starting to get back into a pretty good groove. I'm still doing event management, which is what I really enjoy doing, but to seems like the convention center atmosphere is going to be a lot different from what I'm used to. It does seem like I'll have a lot more stable schedule with a more regular work week, which is definitely nice. Plus, I still have opportunities to do work I really enjoy like working with music festivals, thanks to contacts I've made in the industry. For example, I spent all of this past weekend working at Bunbury Music Festival here in Cincy and while it was a LOT of hours, I had an absolute blast being in my element again (and being paid decently to do it).

As far as other things go, my streaming venture that I was working on with a buddy is kind of on hiatus. It's been really difficult for us to hash out a schedule, and while I really want to get back into it I think we're better off putting more money into our PC, which seems to have been giving us some problems recently. In terms of other gaming things, I've been sucked into Heroes of the Storm. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that here before, but it's the bulk of what I've been playing for the past 6 months or so. I've still got a backlog of things that I want to tackle, but HotS is always easier to just fire up and play a few matches before bed.

Anywho, what's up with y'all? I've seen B's things floating around on YouTube/in my email and I see Nate's updates occasionally on Facebook, but what's everyone else been up to?
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