nate Plays Pillars of Eternity

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nate Plays Pillars of Eternity

Postby nate » Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:11 pm

Started the game up and made my character. I'm playing as a ranger wood elf with a bear companion. I'm a little thrown right now because the game is REALLY similar to DnD in a number of ways, but not in all, so I keep making assumptions that are incorrect (DEX being responsible for bow damage for one). I think I'm getting ahold of it, though I'm having a bit of difficulty keeping track of damage. It seems like the fighter is doing more damage than my ranger per attack, which can't be right, but the text box to check is super small and so it's a pain to read up on. Oh well, I'll get a hang of it soon enough. I did put it on easy, which seems like it may have been a mistake as these early fights are mindless easy. From the warnings the game gave, I was expecting a bit more kick here DnD style where even simple wolves take multiple turns from a whole party using skills and all. I might need to bump that up if it continues past just easing me into the game at the beginning. Anyway, so far so good!
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