BOF4, playthrough

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BOF4, playthrough

Postby Kazriko » Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:12 pm

Day 3:
Well, I suppose we should get this good time started so we can get this good time over with by the end of the month. (insert broken age reference. ;)

#BreathOfFire4 started, 3:10 hours in. Lots of going back and forth trying to find parts for a mode of transportation, and now I'm crossing a dam after having visions. There's a lot of cool stuff in this game, and the load times are fairly reasonable. I also really like the art style, it's the opposite of the cell shaded stuff in 3d, it's like rotoscoped-looking 2d where there's no black outlines around any of the shapes. Very cool. Some of the sprites do have darker outlines, but they're a shade of the same color that the interior of the shape is rather than black.

Battle system is what you'd expect from a BoF game. Roughly the same complexity as a Dragon Quest game. This DOES add one cool wrinkle though that's sort of a pre-cursor to games like FFX and Atelier Iris, and Mana Khemia. You can swap characters in and out of battle, and those in the back line temporarily regain AP. (It goes away after the battle though, so you still have the attrition game design.) That gives you a reason to rotate characters back and forth to cast spells then regenerate during battle.

You can also swap the order and positioning of characters effortlessly by pressing left and right when selecting orders, and those characters will swap positions. Very nice.

Day 17:
#breathoffire4 I'm pretty sure I won't get this done this month. Even with the guides the constant minigames are proving too much for me. I will probably keep playing it though, but given that I'm only 5 hours in after half the month... After doing a minigame to catch a kid, then doing a minigame to find kids hiding in the town, then another minigame to catch a thief, now it's having me do more minigames to move crates and vases around, and I hear there's another minigame after that one... All of those minigames are made much harder because of the atrocious camera in this game. They're actually intentionally designed to exploit that camera system to make them harder.

I've been playing pretty much everything I can this month to procrastinate on bof4, and that's usually a bad sign for me... It is the very last BOF game I need to finish to have completed the series though, so I'll get through it eventually. Right now, I feel like playing more Fantasy Life and Disgaea D2.

Day 24: Man, I'm a TOTAL slacker on this game. I got up to the minigame for the crates and vases, and I haven't gone back to the game. Slacked off playing Ultra Despair Girls: Danganronpa Another Chapter, Fantasy Life (5 jobs to Creator level so far!), Picross DS, Pathpix Zen, and Minecraft. Also read a couple of SF/F books, Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia and Earth Unaware vaguely by Orson Scott Card and some other writer who probably did most of the work. ;)
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