Fallout 4: The Adventure of the Robot Butler

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Fallout 4: The Adventure of the Robot Butler

Postby rwburnham » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:07 am

In Fallout 4 (PC), I have been building a character that is focused on luck and agility. Due to lack of strength, I keep her dressed in light clothing and her weapons are all pistols. Luckily, with the right kind of mods, even a pistol can have some pretty solid range. I have one rather impressive gun that can kill most things in one or two hits thanks to some pistol-friendly perks. Due to the lack of heavy armor, I often have to hide behind cover and take potshots. I can handle myself in close quarters but it takes a lot out of me.

I have considered using mods to alleviate the weight limitations but for some weird reason I find managing my equipment to be kind of satisfying. It’s like a mini-game. Perhaps it stems from being a fan of old school D&D where managing equipment weight was a big deal. I think it adds some realism to the game and makes it feel closer to a traditional RPG. However, I can’t blame anyone for using mods to get past this issue.

I have spent about 47 hours playing the game and I have 22 out of 50 achievements. I feel like leveling is a little slow considering that there is no level cap. I don’t generally think about the level scaling in this game, so I guess that means I am fine with it, but I do get annoyed when I complete a big quest only to see the level bar move just a little bit.

When it comes to dialog, I tend to stick with the nice replies. I’ll probably play my second character as a jerk, because that’s fun too.

The companions seem to function better in this game than they did in the previous two games, but they still get in the way, especially when I am trying to sneak around. Also, escort missions are, as always, annoying. If my ability to succeed at a mission depends on keeping an NPC alive, it would be really nice if that NPC stayed back behind cover and didn’t just rush in to battle like some moron with a death wish.

I like that you don’t have to be specialized in heavy armor in order to use power armor. I also like how the game uses power cores to make power armor a commodity to be used sparingly. It makes power armor this kind of “plan B” for tackling tough situations. A few times I have had my ass handed to me by a boss monster, so I returned with power armor and some heavy weapon for round two.

I really wish that Bethesda had tried bold new game play ideas with this game, much as they did with The Elder Scrolls V when compared to The Elder Scrolls IV. Instead they transplanted the game play of the previous games into this new graphics engine. Fallout 4 certainly looks great but it feels too much like the two previous games in the series. Also, the animations are a little buggy. Why does my character often look the wrong way when speaking with people?
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