The RPG formula: is it really necessary anymore?

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Re: The RPG formula: is it really necessary anymore?

Postby terry 309 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:49 pm

Best game in terms of freedom to me is Mount And Blade Warband, I've clocked in over 400 hours into that game.I think that America are the worst offender as they aren't trying to innovate, they're just making more of the same, huge worlds with higher emphasis on Hollywood style storytelling and even though they call themselves "open world" I don't think they offer quite as much freedom as Mount And Blade does. The thing that irks me with most American RPG's is that they try too hard to be "epic" and it kinda forces you down the path of a legendary hero. I don't want to be a dragonborn, I don't want to be Commander Shepard, I want to be who I want to be. Mount And Blade lets you do this as it's a 100% sandbox. So you either remove the story entirely or you create an epic story with interesting characters (or at least an interesting world with lots of abstract).

I find it quite sad how a game like Warcraft 3, a Real Time Strategy game manages to outmatch most WRPG's when it comes to story... and presentation. I think more WRPG's need to take a good look at Warcraft because THAT is how you make a story in a WRPG.
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