What You Should Expect As You Progress Through The Academy

  • Imagine your channel providing excellent, smartly-focused, and well-positioned content to a constantly growing a loyal viewer community who support and appreciate your work.

  • Imagine being happy as a creator because you've discovered your destiny on YouTube; one that fits your personality and attracts like-minded viewers to come be a part of your community.

  • Imagine mastering the fundamental principles of content strategy and Search Engine Optimization without needing an advanced degree over having to watch tedious and uninteresting teaching videos on the subject.

  • Imagine having my direct support and the support of your peers for as long as you remain an active member of the Academy.

  • And Imagine how great it's going to feel when you finally reach your YouTube goals with the support of other creators who actually care about your success!

The YouTube Ninja Academy is Not...

  • The YouTube Ninja Academy is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. In fact, there is no such thing. When you come to the academy, be prepared to work hard for your success.

  • We don't promote "tips" or "tricks" just to help you grow your channel's subscriber base quickly. Remember, a wise man once said a fence that goes up fast, falls down fast. Likewise, tips and tricks are useless if you don't have the drive to become an expert in your craft. We are focused on helping you make valuable content that will keep your channel relevant for as long as you want to be an active creator.

  • The YouTube Ninja Academy does not promote gimmicks that will get you the proverbial 1 million subscribers that most YouTubers are obsessed with attaining. For starters, I don't have, and honestly don't necessarily want, 1 million faceless subscribers. So I won't coach you on something that I have not accomplished myself. But more importantly, gimmicks, much like Nintendo's Wii motion controls, eventually reveal themselves as ineffective tools. That said, we will teach you the success principles that have helped many creators deserve the millions of subscribers they have.

  • The YouTube Ninja Academy is designed to give you powerful new success mindsets. Mindsets that will help you do what everyone who has deserved 1 million subscribers has done before you. My team and I will work effectively to help you unlock the power within you to add value to the people you want to reach. In the end, value is the only way to build lasting growth. Providing viewers with consistent valuable content is the only way to win on YouTube in the long run. And that is exactly what we will help you do in our academy!

What Happens After I Sign Up?

After signing up, you will receive a personal email from me welcoming you to the academy, granting you access to the private Academy Knowledge Sessions and linking you to our private Facebook group.

Questions About The YouTube Ninja Academy

Email Us - info-at-alloyseven-dot-tv

What Other YouTubers Are Saying About The Ninja Academy


My Watch time has tripled since I joined the academy and started applying the principles we are learning. What makes this Academy special is how dedicated everyone is. Because everyone is after the same thing as you, there is no reason to feel like you are working alone or losing motivation. As long as you are serious about your channel, everyone will be serious in helping you succeed. We are all in this together and the extra views, watch time and subscribers earned from the effort and work is only the icing on the cake. The real dessert is the entire community.


Dar Murray Gaming
Every word BC says in his coaching videos is 100% accurate. I watched hours on end on BC before I started Streaming on Twitch and Youtubing and I can safely say I became one of the best Twitch community builders most people have seen. Even though I've got 700 followers on twitch I can pull the same viewer count as those with 10,000+ followers. I'm the largest Forza 6 community and I recently started building a Euro Truck community and have been at the top of the streamers list ever since ( I started building my ETS2 community 2 weeks ago ) all using BC's teachings.


Ryujji Raptor
The YouTube Gamers Academy is impacting my daily life with my friends, work, and family. Thanks to everyone with small and big encouragement that we give to each other. The Academy is teaching me how to become a great leader. As everyone is working hard in the Academy, we will be glad to have new comers share and help grow channels for a better YouTube community.


Simply put, the YouTube gamers academy brings hope. It's a story of success after success starting with Bryant Chambers and cascading to other people. I've always loved the concept of YouTube. I love the personal connection people feel. I've been trying to create content people would enjoy for over 10 yrs but I never really had a focus. The YouTube Gamers Academy has helped me narrow my focus. With that focus I have been able to start humbly building subscribers and views. Without the direction of this group I'd still be totally lost and overwhelming myself with what to do.


Insert Disc 2
This is it. This is where you find the answers. What you're doing wrong. What you're doing right. What they're doing. What they're not doing. Specifically the people that are learning and exploring and striving and fighting and planning and burning with the same desire as you. The same goal as you. The same long nights and same early mornings. Except here it's not PVP. Here it's Co-Op. The difficulty has been ratcheted up, and we won't all survive. But here you will no longer be the Lone Wolf in the warzone that Youtube has become, with channels the weapons, content the ammunition in the magazines called playlists. Here you're part of the Army. Here no one fights alone. And everyone's willing to toss you that extra mag. Time to reload, re-arm, and take your awaiting place in Youtube


Woogies World YouTube Icon

Woogie's World
Since joining the Academy my mindset about YouTube has grown and changed! In a little less than a month I've gained 16 of my total 61 subs, made my first 500-view video and have received over half of my total watch time. I truly appreciate what you're doing, BC.



In this video, our good friend Doublepulse had to say about us and our academy:"Bryant from Alloy Seven has me on the right track as to what I want to do on YouTube. His motto has always been, 'We are stronger than i' and that's a message that I want to stand by. The longer I stay in the academy and collaborate with other creators there, the more my 'why' on YouTube has changed. And this has given me more fuel than ever."

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